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Our Services !

home visit service

We have a home visit service available anywhere, meaning you will not be tired again. We can drive you to your door with an integrated team and a highly qualified engineer to install a hearing aid for the first time or do programming or make a template. We

hearing exam otolaryngologist doctor checking woman s ear using otoscope auriscope medical clinic
سماعات اذن طبيه نايل ستار

Technical Services

Nile Star Hearing Aid provides distinguished technical services such as design and manufacture of molds and earplugs, and design and manufacture of in-ear hearing aid.

Ear molds design and manufacture

A process in which our specialized medical team takes the patient’s ear print, and therefore it requires high-level preparations and close follow-up until a good ear mold is obtained using the best raw materials, which contributes to the quality of the hearing aid.

Design and manufacture of in-ear hearing aid

You can choose between dozens of models of hearing aids, as we at “Anaton” have a wide range of hearing aids with advanced technology, performance levels and prices to suit all levels of patients and their hearing needs.

Design and manufacture of earplugs

Always aiming to meet your hearing requirements, we design and manufacture earplugs of various sizes and for different purposes, whether to protect against noise or to keep your ears dry while swimming, using the best quality raw materials for this purpose.

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After-sales service !

After-sales service is one of the most important services the company provides. Repairing any malfunctions in any hearing aid, whether old or new, internal or external. Making all kinds of molds of various colors, all types of sheilas, all kinds of accessories, spare parts and all our requirements. We will deliver you wherever you are.

سماعات اذن طبيه نايل ستار

Phone: 01091277772