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We provide you with the best ear molds for external hearing aids using premium raw materials. The designs vary based on the degree of hearing loss. The type and design of the ear mold is chosen according to the recommendations of the audiologist.

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Hearing Aid Battery Life

The average lifespan of hearing aid batteries is as follows:

Size 10 (3-7 days)

Size 312 (3-10 days)

Size 13 (6-14 days)

Size 675 (9-20 days)

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eartips & brushes

For thorough cleaning, it is one of the most important supplies to preserve the headset from damage and must be cleaned at least two days a week.

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Ear Plugs

One of the most important products for maintaining the general health of the ear and protecting it against water or loud sounds that may affect hearing health. We provide a wide variety of the best and most stylish ear plugs.

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Cleaning and Care Kit

A hearing aid cleaning kit is an important addition to your hearing aids. It helps you maintain your hearing aid and protect it from dust and earwax to prolong its lifespan. The care kit is designed for use with standard BTE aids with ear molds or slim tubes. It contains the following components:

  • Hygiene bag
  • Cleansing tool set (brush and stick)
  • Cleansing cloth
  • Cleansing tabs
  • Drying capsules
  • Drying beaker
  • Air blower


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